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  • Flu Clinics in Harlan  Warning: There are no dates available for this offering (330).

    You can schedule appointments for flu clinics held at the Community Health office in Harlan here. Dates in Harlan are:  September 15, 21, & October 6th and 21st. We will also host a clinic at Vet's Auditorium on 10/15/2022 that does not require registration. 

    If the date you wish to attend does not show up in the calendar, it is full, and you must pick another date .

    For questions or for those without Internet access: Call 755-4422 for help to set up an appointment.

    There are different kinds of flu vaccine available, depending on your age and health:

          A.  Regular flu shot (ages 18 years of age and up)

          B.  Flumist intranasal vaccine for ages 2-49 years of age.

          C. Flublok--18 years of age and up--provides 3x the antigen as a standard quadrivalent vaccine.

         D. High Dose--for 65 years of age and older; provides 4x the antigen as a standard influenza quadrivalent vaccine.

         E. Fluad: for 65 years of age and older; inactivated influenza vaccine iwith an adjuvant that enhances the effectiveness of vaccine without added antigen. 

    You MAY request a COVID vaccine to be administered along with your influenza vaccine. You may choose between the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. You can find COVID consents and Fact Sheets regarding COVID vaccine on the Myrtue Medical Center website at:

    Links to the  Influenza Vaccine Information Statements:



    Links to Influenza Adult and Child Consent forms:



  • Public Health Vaccine for Children (VFC) Immunization Clinics

    The immunization clinic at Public Health is the first Wednesday (except in August 2020) of even numbered months: (Feb. 3, April 7, June 2, Aug, 4, Oct. 6, Dec. 1st)  from 2:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. at our office located at 2712 12th St. in Harlan, Iowa.

    Any child who qualifies for free Vaccine for Children (VFC) or is eligible to receive immunizations in Public Health. Children (Birth-18 years old) who qualify for free VFC vaccine include:

    -Children who have Medicaid
    -Children who have NO health insurance coverage
    -Children who have health insurance, but their insurance does NOT pay for vaccines ( you may call your insurance carrier to find this information)
    -American Indians or Alaskan Natives

    There is a $14.00 administration fee for each child except for those that have Medicaid.  Payment is requested at time of service.

    If your child has any other insurance that pays for vaccines, including Hawk-i, please make an appointment with the immunization nurse at 712-755-4444 or your medical provider to receive needed vaccines.

    If the clinic schedule will not work for you, please contact our office at 755-4422 for an appointment. Otherwise, please sign up each child that you wish to receive immunizations for on the schedule.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

    We look forward to helping you and your child(ren) achieve better health outcomes with the use of immunizations.


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